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Termidor Termite Treatments Phoenix AZ

Arizona is known for subterranean termites that live underneath homes causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Protect your investment from termites with these home remedy tips provided by, Magic Pest Control.

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Like ants, termites live a chain of command. There is a queen and king termite whose purpose is to spawn babies termites. These baby termites eventually grow into soldier termites, worker termites or reproductive termites.

Soldier termites sole purpose is to defend their nest from intruders. Worker termites stay close to the nest building and gathering for the queen and reproductive termites are winged termites that venture off to start new colonies.

The most important thing you can do to protect your home from termites is to keep bushes and brush at least 18-inches away from your home. Termites love moisture and they will colonize under wet soil.

Termites eat and live in wood. Dispose wood or debris around your home to keep termites away. If you have a wooden structure around your home be sure to keep it at least half a foot from the ground. Termites hate the following wood: Redwood, Juniper and Cedar - These food sources are the termites least favorable.

Subterranean termites are hard to get rid since they burrow themselves deep in the ground.

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Termites travel through mud tubes called mud spores. These mud spores can be found on walls coming up from the ground. Termites can travel from place to place so be sure to check window sills, cracks or any vulnerable areas around your home.

An efficient way of getting rid of termites is by using Termidor.

Termidor is 'America's #1 Termite Defense Product.'

Termidor is applied by Magic Pest Control to soil areas abutting a building in order to eradicate termites as they attempt to gain entry into the building. In order to get to termites below your garage Magic Pest Control drills holes and fills them with Termidor. Termidor is formulated to have a 'transfer effect,' in which termites carry the slow acting formula to their colony where all other termites will become carriers. This process will eventually exterminate termites and their colonies. Termites can't avoid or detect this liquid technology making it that more dangerous.

Trust the professionals at Magic Pest Control to take care of your termite problems. We are licensed and insured with over 25-years experience. Magic Pest Control, serving the valley since 1993.

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