Friday, July 16, 2010

Do It Yourself Home Sealing Scorpion Control | Magic Pest Control AZ

This is a do it yourself home sealing pest control, scorpion control home remedy informational video by Magic Pest Control.

Home sealing is the number one Scorpion Pest Control Solution you can add to your house.

Go to the nearest hardware store and pick up a case or two of clear silicone caulking, a caulking gun, steel wool, rags and some gloves.

Start with the exterior base of your home. Seal up cracks or holes you see. Plug holes and deep cracks with steel wool and then seal it up with clear silicone caulking. Be sure to check the roof, exterior light fixtures and window sills. Seal up everything.

Seal up the cracks in the block wall fence and window sills. Seal air ducts and t-vents.

Then, go inside and start with the bathroom and laundry room. Open air vents and seal cracks. Go underneath sinks and seal cracks around pipes.

Be sure to seal up anywhere where scorpions and pests find food and harborage.

This has been a home remedy do it yourself pest control video by Magic Pest Control.

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