Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scorpion Home Sealing and Black Light Removal AZ

Nothing is more frustrating than to see scorpions living in the comfort of your home. The following bits of information will help inform you and help you keep scorpions out!

Habitat and Environment:

Scorpions are nocturnal and sensitive to heat. During the day scorpions can be found in dark unoccupied areas such as crawl spaces, closets, attics and garages. They often hide under boards, piles of wood, debris, mulch, pine straw, trash, block fencing and any places scorpions can squeeze under, in or through. Scorpions will avoid temperatures over 100 degrees farenheit. When it is too hot in one area scorpions will simply migrate. If the scorpions living area is disturbed in any way they will simply enter your home by way of wall voids, open door sweeps, kitchen sink cabinets and bedroom closets. In order to prevent scorpions from infesting your home seal it up with caulking and get regular pesticide treatments.

Food and Behavior:

Food is the scorpions prime motive. Since they are nocturnal they forage at night. They feed off all types of insects, pests and even mice at times. Scorpions have organs and hairs on their legs that detect sensitive vibration. This is how they catch their food. Because scorpions are predators they tend to return to the same area each night to hunt. They can withstand starvation for 4-5 months. If you control the scorpions food source, you control the scorpions.

Be Aware:

Scorpions are excellent at climbing but can't climb glass. If your home is infested put bed legs in clean wide-mouthed jars. Make sure to pull all furniture away from walls and shake clothing before putting it on. Scorpions like to cling on to loose objects.

Scorpion Control:

1- Scorpions are blind to ultraviolet light and it makes them glow! At night time equip yourself with a black light and scorpion killer (or tweezers and a glass jar if you want to collect them).

2- Routinely mow grass and keep an 18" vegetative free perimeter around your home. Remove or clean any harborage.

3- Use caulking and weather strip to seal up your home and its windows. Repair plumbing leaks and ventilate in areas where precipitation occurs.

4- Make sure to get regular pesticide treatments! If you control the scorpions food you can control the scorpions.

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