Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bird and Pigeon Control by Magic Pest Control | Phoenix, AZ

AZ Bird and Pigeon Control Methods
by Magic Pest Control

Bird control in Phoenix, AZ is now more complicating than ever. Birds like pigeons have evolved in the inner city to ignore startling reactions, like flashing light, and instinctive scaring, like helikites (kites invoking danger). Pigeon nesting problems continue to pop up around the Scottsdale, AZ area for business properties like restaurants, banks and real estate.

Homeowners in Gilbert, AZ are frustrated with the unattractive and dirtiness of bird nesting. Marketplaces in Tempe, AZ have various bird nesting problems disrupting sales and customer satisfaction. Not to mention the health risk that pigeons pose and the corrosive damage caused by pigeon droppings.

If you are a business owner, listen. If you are a homeowner, relax. Youre in safe hands with Magic Pest Control. Just read the following article or watch our informational video on youtube on quick and easy ways on how to keep pigeons and birds away from your business or home structure.

Bird Nesting

Birds desire to nest in areas that are undisrupted and unaccompanied. Your building roof nooks and crannies between shillings and crevices are perfect spots for pigeons and birds to nest.

It is important business and homeowners check their attic for any bird nesting. Unsure? Check for bird droppings and feathers. This is a surefire way to assume your building structure has a pigeon bird control problem.
If you have a bird problem or bird nesting is prevalent in your business or home structure it is highly likely you have a bird control problem. Here are some bird control and pigeon repellent tips.

Bird Control and Pigeon Repellent Tips

1.Scare Tactics are often a quick fix to pigeon nesting and bird control problems. Time regularly and employ effectively. Produce large explosions or scare them visually (using a kite).
2.3/4 Stealth Net bird netting is very durable and creates a barrier preventing bird and pigeon nesting.
3.Trust the professionals at Magic Pest Control to apply Bird-B-Gone Bird Spike, Steel Spike, Bird Netting, Flat Track or Shock Track to keep pigeon and birds from flocking and nesting at your business or home building structure.

The Arizona Better Business Bureau rates Magic Pest Control with an A+ for outstanding bird and pigeon control service. Magic Pest Control professionals are
Bird-B-Gone Certified and assure your business or your home investment is kept intact and bird problem free. Please visit our youtube channel for home remedy and repellent videos.

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  1. Well this solution is very effective for homeowners or property owners who are looking for humane bird control methods and want to keep the birds away from the surrounding areas.

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  4. Nice instructions/video, very helpful! I noticed that, in the 3rd tip, you mentioned using steel spikes as a means of bird control. What exactly do those do, and does it hurt the birds?